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Man Almost Beheaded in New Las Vegas Zipline

Two people were injured earlier this week while riding Las Vegas’ newest attraction the Fly LINQ, a new attraction above the Las Vegas Strip. According to bystanders, the guests were flying in a prone position and brakes were not appropriately deployed and one guest had to receive “multiple staples” to his head after hitting part of the attraction. He claimed that a few more inches, it was possible his head would have been taken off.

Guests will no longer be able to ride in the “prone” position while the incident is under investigation. They will be able to ride in the seated position.

The LVRJ noted the “super-hero” position didn’t seem very safe or normal.  “For superhero-style riders, clipping into the cable is a clumsy affair. As guests dangle, attendants juggle their legs behind them, manipulating the series of safety straps. Unclear instructions such as “bend your foot” and “straighten your leg so it’s over your knee” add to the brief confusion.”

The new attraction doesn’t officially open to the public until Nov. 9, so it’s gone officially Zero days without a major accident.

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