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Family Shootout Leaves Father Dead and Mother and Son on Life Support

A 15-year-old shot and killed his dad at their home in the west part of Las Vegas Thursday, according to Metro Police.

The incident, which occurred at 10:30 a.m. in the area of Desert Inn Road and Hualapai Way, involved the father, the mother, and their teen son.

Police say the father was in the garage when his son allegedly shot him in the head. Right after, the son shot the mom, wounding her, Metro said.

The mom was able to get another gun and shoot her son.

The son ran away from the scene. He was later found by a doctor who was passing by and rendered aid about half a block away from home.

The motive of the shooting is unknown. The mom and the teen are at the hospital and expected to survive.

Police are not aware of any prior disturbance calls at the home but two young neighbors who spoke to 8 News NOW said the suspected shooter was sometimes angry and would misbehave at school and at home.

“I used to play with him and his younger brother. We would shoot basket ball, ride scooters, all that kind of stuff and he’d always seem to cause a little bit of trouble. I never really saw him doing something like this,” said Nolan Turner, neighbor. “He always seemed to cause a little bit of trouble but I never really saw him, like, doing something like this cause he’s always been– he; I know he’s been odd but I never saw him like being capable of this. I never saw it in a million years.”

“The older brother would always mess around with me and I would have to like scream at him sometimes, but nothing more than that. He would always throw stuff at me and I would like yell at him,” neighbor Tasanee Denino said. “Me and him weren’t really like friends cause I never really liked him.

Karen Castro, Reporter: “And you said he would throw things at you?
Tasanee Denino: “Yeah, like he use to throw like grapes at me on the bus and im like ‘wow’. It was; he was pretty messed up.

Police said no one else was in the home at the time of the shooting. The identities of the family members have not been released but property records show the house is owned by Michele and Warren Spielmann.

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