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Macau and the great potential of casino games in the Far East

Every true casino lover has to be familiar with the famous Las Vegas Strip, and quite possibly, at one point of his life will at least consider a trip there. Regular players, wealthy bettors and professional gamblers will always look for luxury and glare only the best and biggest places can provide. A great deal of such clientele ends up in Macau. This little China province is often called Las Vegas of the Orient, but has already earned quite a name for itself.

Both centers are great sources of regular casino action, as well as frequent home for some bigger events. This is especially true in case of ever-growing poker community and prestigious live tournaments that are hosted with cooperation of the most popular companies in the industry and eagerly covered by significant trade websites and portals, such as Poker News. Among the most prestigious in Macau, there are Asian Poker Tour and PokerStars LIVE, whereas Las Vegas’ pearl in the crown continually is the World Series of Poker. While it still remains pretty much the highlight of professional players’ calendar in any given year, great fame and huge money prizes are no longer associated strictly with those establishments in Nevada.

Many other places on the globe, some of them quite exotic, are gaining significance and recognition. Casino games and betting are such a desirable piece of business, so there is little wonder many parties are interested in splitting the profit. There are plans in other parts of Asia, like Japan or Korea, to build strips that will challenge the status quo, and could get them a piece of the proverbial cake. The game is worth an effort. Investing in this kind of business can generate billions of dollars in revenue, not just from gambling alone but also by significant growth in tourism. Even in Brazil, where they largely depend on incomes from wealthy tourists, there is a common understanding about the value here, and the possibilities of boosting the economy this way.

For the time being, there is no doubt that the main rival of American Sin City is Macau, despite many objects in there having their affiliations in Las Vegas. The general concept and part of design is pretty much the same. Some of the entertainment options are similar as well, like hotels, shopping centers, spa resorts. They seem less diverse however. Vast majority of Macau’s revenue, which is about three times bigger than that of Vegas, comes from regular casino playing, other than betting, lotteries, bingo, slots and the like. Not to mention the accommodation, food industry and show, which are very popular at the American counterpart. The usual guests come here for some serious game time, ready to spend a lot. Much of the income is possible mostly due to high activity of rich Chinese businessmen. Gaming revenue increased about 19 percent last year. The new year has also had a great jump start, the biggest in four years actually. There was 36 percent growth in January 2018 compared to January 2017.


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