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Caesars Raising Hidden Charges So Much, They Cost More than the Night’s Stay

Ceasars Entertainment is raising almost all its “hidden” fees, only a year after doing it and losing a lot of customers in the process.  According to the L.A. Times, on certain nights, visitors could pay more in fees than the cost of a night’s stay. Yes, that means if you’re not paying attention to the “fine print” on your booking, your charge could could double based on these hidden charges.

Caesars just came out of Bankruptcy, where the company almost saw itself closing — and now must raise as much money as possible

Caesars Entertainment raised nightly resort fees at eight of its nine properties.

Visitors, especially some spending multiple nights in hotels in Las Vegas, are chiming in. “They pull you in with the cheap price and then when you do get in it’s that little, you know, little parenthesis down there with the resort fees and it’s so high I feel like for no reason,” one visitor told Channel 8.

Caesars says the hidden charges are for things like “premium Wifi” which is often free in most hotels outside Vegas.

Consumer advocates have argued that resort fees are hidden charges for guests unaware of them, and that guests who are aware of the charges must take an extra step to calculate true room rates.

In January, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a report estimating that U.S. resort fees surged 35% in 2015 to about $2 billion. Last year, an NYU School of Professional Studies report pegged 2015 U.S. resort fees at a record $2.55 billion, an 82% surge from a decade earlier.


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  1. The whole resort thing and parking fees are just too much now. They are now charging you to enter their casino to spend more of your money??? It just totally irks me and my friends. Much of my time and money goes to the Indian casinos here in California now. If I do go to Vegas I stay downtown or else we go to Laughlin. No body likes to be nickel and dime when you are going on vacation.

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