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Chow Closing Doors in Downtown Las Vegas

Yet another restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas is closing its doors. Despite having decent reviews, Natalie Young’s downtown chicken joint, CHOW will no longer be open to the public. Not to be confused with Mr. Chow, the over-priced chinese take out in Caeasrs, this is part of a long line of restaurants that opened in the last few years in DTLV, and then closed within 24-36 months after huge failures to drive traffic to their kitchens.

The owner, Natalie Young says that she’s not made a dime in the restaurant since opening two years ago, but that their catering business seems to be doing ok – and that will remain open.

Her other venture EAT seems to be doing better, but the rumors are that like most restaurants downtown, there are days without any visitors – no matter how great the reviews.

Despite this chicken joint shutting down, there is good news for Flock & Fowl, opening their second location.

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