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Vegas metal band Desire the Fire accused of being Neo-Nazi, band member resigns

What goes on Facebook, seems to stay on Facebook – and get spread around Facebook. Local Vegas band “Desire the Fire” seems to have learned this the hard way, with hundreds of people on Facebook calling for the band to be boycotted after their promotions manager declared herself to be a proud Nazi, and then made borderline threats against people of different backgrounds, while also “fat shaming” people on Facebook.

According to several people we spoke to, they have had racist run-ins with Kayla Elliott, the promotions manager for the band, and the wife of their front man, Cody Elliot. They claim that she’s not only been exceedingly abusive, but has more than once posted similar “Heil Hitler” and other “Naziesque” type things in the past. One woman who described herself as a “former friend” told PaceVegas that the couple was into “Nazi Holocaust Shit.”

Their guitarist, Michael James didn’t seem to agree at all with these points of view, and on May 9th resigned from the band with a public letter posted on Facebook, saying that he does not “condone nor agree(s) with the statements/comments that were made on a public forum…that can only be described as degrading and racist in nature. This isn’t what I joined the band for nor how I think or feel… I would like to announce publicly I am no longer affiliate with Desire the Fire.”

Strangely this all came from a discussion about the benefits of eating avocados on a facebook page of Casondra Dawn. In response, Ms. Dawn wrote a post that had been shared over 114 times: “I do not associate with horrible human beings. If anyone else on my friends list is as disgusting as I just realized Kayla is, please go ahead & block me so I don’t have to look at you anymore. Smfh.”

Then another woman Ching Nga Lui wrote on her page, a post that was shared over 180 times as of writing, “So if anyone knows Kayla Elliott from the acting and modeling industry look at this disgusting human being. She just fucked with my friends and is a stupid bitch. You don’t fuck with my friends and not get heat for it. Share this and let it be known this is not how we treat each other.”


Band’s Response

The band refused to comment about the issues over Facebook, but did respond to complaint about this, defending the views of the Mrs. Elliott, and calling it “Our Views.”

We all feel that as Americans it is our GOD given right to ANY opinion we so choose. We are tolerant of other views as we expect others be tolerant of ours. Therefore this dialogue between Kayla and Josh is none our business. Just like it is none of yours. Thank you.

PaceVegas reached out to the local vegas venues that had booked the band, and did not receive comment except from Wishky a go go in West Hollywood, which claimed they had been told Mrs. Elliot’s account had seemingly been hacked—in contradiction of the defense made by the band, and the resignation of the guitarist.


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  1. I previously worked with Mr. James and know him to be a stand up gentleman. Hopefully, no one will think ill of him because of the actions of his former bandmates/manager. Kudos to him for distancing himself from this mess.

    • Hell, I don’t live in Vegas anymore and I’m ready to buy the album of the next band he plays with, totally unheard, just to support someone with integrity.

    • Yes!! And her fb was never hacked! She’s always been a racists and always thought she was better than everyone. Believe me I’ve had first hand meeting with her and working with her!

  2. Aaaah of course she was “hacked”, because that’s what hackers do: Start shit about avocados.
    Makes sense…lmfao, a racist and a coward, what a winner.

    • Funny thing is I have a screenshot from February 5 at 11:41 pm of her saying “it’s funny when I see the same sad fat chick commenting on all my rocker friends facebooks” hmm was she hacked then too?? Lol

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