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Vegas Dave Oancea facing up to 90 Years in Prison, Blames Haters

David Oancea, known in betting circles as “Vegas Dave” and his trademark phrase, “Rotate, Son” may be facing up to 90 years in prison, thanks to an accusation by the IRS that he was attempting to defraud the government of at least half a million in taxes.

The IRS and prosecutors claim, that he placed at least nine bets in 2015 and 2016 at the Wynn and Westgate using social security numbers that were not his, to get around the Banking Secrecy Act laws that require reporting of transactions over $10k.

He’s now returned to Las Vegas, after some rumors that he was going to skip town, and claims that  “At the end of the day the truth will always come out. Can’t wait till next week when the world hears what I have to say.”

In another statement on Twitter he seemed to imply that the federal prosecution was “when you are at the top of your industry 90 percent of the people want to bring you down. Some call them haters I call them fans.” He then posted a video of him taking a saran wrapped packet of cash from the trunk of his car.

Oancea claims he is no longer betting, but is providing packages and consulting for other betters. (bettors)

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