Robert Irvine to Open “Public House” Despite Two Other Restaurants with Same Name

We’ve been patiently waiting for the newest invention of ultra buff Chef Robert Irvine since he jumped off the Tropicana last year. He’s kept the name under wraps, but now we know that the newest name for his restaurant is the extremely boring “Public House.”

This joins two other severely underwhelming restaurants of the same exact name in Las Vegas, one in the Venetian and another in the Luxor Casino.

Accoriding to interviews, he is going to be “on site” more than most celebrity chefs, and will be making a ecletic menu that will impress guests with several unique dishes that you can’t get anywhere else – despite the overused name.

However there have been rumors that Public House in the Venetian is looking to get out of its lease: it’s not exactly been doing well, and is usually quite empty. They have zero PR and Marketing going on, and despite an amazing location and decent idea, they have not shown up in the media in years, leaving most in the industry believing they’ve “given up.” You can almost always get a table, even during the most busy of conventions.

Still, why chose a name that will only lead to brand confusion?

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