Rice Republic Closes in Downtown Summerlin

One of the first restaurants to open in Downtown Summerlin is unfortunately one of the first restaurants to close. Asian themed restaurant, Rice Republic, that offered the “flavor” of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China with a menu that is structured differently than a typical Chinese restaurant closed abruptly leaving employees hanging.

The problem wasn’t the location: but that it was pretty much universally hated by anyone who went there. Here’s a sampling of reviews:

“If I could give this place half a star I would. Me and my girlfriend came here thinking “why not try something new.” Boy was that the worse decision of my life. We walked in and waited 10 min to be seated. We had to get the waiters attention to seat us when the place was EMPTY. We sit down and see that everything is above $10.00. Expecting that the entrees were enough for two people the waiter tells us “no it’s one person size.” Did he mean that literally? I was thinking. Our plate of orange chicken comes out with 8 tiny pieces on it big enough to barely feed a child. The bill came out to $16. I would’ve felt better burning that money than spending it there. We walked out and no goodbye, no thank you for coming, NOTHING.”

“If you like ramen noodles from the store then you will love this place. Super disappointed with the bland taste and price. Ordered the Japanese Tomkotsu pork. Be then on top of it all, the Thai tea only comes in small with no refills for $6.”

“My daughter and son-in-law were excited to go here but I was disappointed with both the food and the service. I ordered chicken breast fried rice and the chicken was very tough and difficult to chew. My daughter ordered udon noodles and vegetables and she said they were good. But my son-in-law didn’t receive his order of fried rice for another 10 minutes after we received ours. He said his was tasty. I probably won’t be back.”

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