Zydeco Po-Boys to Close, Can Nothing can Survive Downtown But Cockroaches?


Happier Times

Happier Times

It’s pretty clear that almost no one can survive having a decent restaurant downtown, especially on Carson Street. Downtown’s Cajun inspired eatery Zydeco Po-Boys announced that they hadn’t the funds to continue operating at the space.

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce Zydeco Po-Boys will be closing its doors on March 3rd. On behalf of my staff and I, we wish to thank Tony and the staff of Downtown Project for the opportunity to be part of the downtown revitalization. We wish to thank all of our loyal supporters who came out over the last year and a half to dine with us. It has been a pleasure to share my Cajun heritage and cooking with Y’all. We wish the continued success of our friends and downtown neighbors and to all of the projects efforts.

Thank You, Brandon Trahan

While Carson Street Kitchen has been doing pretty well, it seems to be an exception in that specific neighborhood – and many restaurant owners have pointed out that despite the revitalization of the area, it’s still known to be where crack addicts hang out, and more importantly, a great place to get mugged.

LVRJ’s Al Mancini quoted former owner of Glutton which closed down recently, saying “Unfortunately, people don’t want to be eating inside a restaurant while watching someone dig in the trash directly outside the window.”

John Curtas, of EatingLV told us one of the reasons nothing can work on that block is “because not enough people live there, and there are not enough foodies in town willing to travel there…when the Claimjumper is right next door with free parking!”

Lisa Tabor wrote in response to the closing, “That is a shame. I will come see you before you close. You should think about a location in Summerlin. I would have been there more often but it was just not convenient for me. I will try to come see you before you close. Lafayette Louisiana living in Vegas!”

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