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Lo-Lo’s Chicken N Waffles Shut Down by Vegas Health Police

One of the most famous southern fried chicken and waffle restaurants in the United States, Lo-Lo’s is in huge trouble with the Po-Po.  The restaurant which calls itself the “best Chicken and Waffles Combination” and features items like Uncle Brotha’s Shrimp & Grits, Aunt Hattie’s Salmon Croquettes, Collard Greens, Fried Green Tomatoes was shut down this past week, for among other things, having employees that didn’t wash their hands after going poo-poo.

Oh, and it gets worse. The Southern Nevada Health District found spoiled food in the kitchen, meaning your waffle might have come with a little bit of extra slime than normal.

The reviews on Yelp don’t actually show they are that appetizing, despite a good reputation:

“The waffles were not hot, the chicken was hard. One of our guest had grits, the grits were completely solid!”

“Once we ordered and received food the chicken was bland and the waffle was soggy mush. Not sure what all the hulabaloo was about but it definitely bot high on my list. Maybe it would be better to come at a slower time when perhaps there will be better quality.”

As of today they had re-opened, and were serving as normal according to a representative.

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