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Doctor Su “Mengele” Who Threatened to Kill Jews Being Investigated by the State of Nevada

Not so good news for Dr. Sean Su, the bigoted doctor who seems to have a fascination with threatening Jews in Las Vegas. The State of Nevada’s Medical Board of Examiners has opened yet again ANOTHER investigation into him, because of his erratic behavior online that has included threatening dozens of people with violence in emails, posts on Facebook.

Yep, the doctor who once had his license suspended for practicing surgeries without a Board Certification and injured patients with his unusual experimental methods that seem to involve a hacksaw and hammer, is hopefully going to lose his license once again.

Last time Dr. Su (maybe we need to call him Mr. Su) had his license suspended, this is what the State Bureau of Health said about him: his office “was stocked with expired and unlabeled medications and found “severe breakdowns in infection control practices, including sterile supply breaches.”

Quoting the Review Journal article on him in 2009, it shows that the “Doctor” is barely operating with a license and running his facility as if it’s in third world clinics:

“Investigators also found other safety breaches. They discovered a canister of liposuction waste in one examination room. Su told them it had been there for days. Sterile instruments were packaged and stored tightly in a drawer, which could compromise sterility, and one package had a hole in it.

A box of scalpels had expiration dates from 2005, and all the suture kits had expiration dates from 2008, 2005, 1999 and 1998. Investigators asked Su to bring the exact sutures he would use for a procedure, and he brought sutures with a January 2005 expiration date, the report said.

Eight of the medications in the clinic were expired — including Lidocaine, which Su said he used for the local anesthesia. Su said he sometimes used medications brought by the patients themselves, the report said.
Matarasso said he has never heard of a doctor using medications that are brought in by patients. The drugs are all prescription-only, so it probably wouldn’t be legal, he said.”

His rating of 3 stars out of 5 on HealthGrades is fortunately a bit higher than his wife’s one stars on Yelp.

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