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Why Did Trump Campaign Go To Sapphire Strip Club in Las Vegas?

sapphire-las-vegasIf we need any more proof that the Trump Campaign has given up, the Trump Campaign not only went to a strip club the night before the debate in Las Vegas, but invited several friendly members of the media to attend. Yes, they invited the “dishonest media” to look at boobs and get drunk.

Trump’s senor communications advisor Jason Miller made his way to the Sapphire Las Vegas Strip Club last Tuesday night along with campaign aide A.J. Delgado and Jessica Ditto, deputy communications director.

Along with them came members of the media that the campaign often lashes out against, including Noah Gray, a producer for CNN, NBC journalist Anthony Terrell, as well as unknown cameraman.

The Sapphire club is known for its topless dancers and high-priced alcoholic drinks, all taking place inside a 70,000 square foot building in the heart of the city.

While the campaign has told the media during the weekend that this was probably a “really bad idea” it’s also raised a lot of questions about the “dishonest media” which had no problem partying with members of the Trump campaign.

So why did they go? Obviously because of the strippers and booze. Duh. Why do you think?

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