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Mini Trump Takes Over Trump Las Vegas

Donald Trump didn’t just have small hands today, but had shrunk more than a couple feet. Mini Trump, a character from the crazy and innovative Beacher’s Madhouse, decided to try to take over the Trump International in Las Vegas, and make it clear he owned it.

Surrounded by his own entourage, and even faux Secret Service protection, Mini-Trump came along with Cameras to Las Vegas to make it clear, he wants to have all the attention. He also was accompanies by a supermodel, with the award “Miss Piggy.”

The results? He didn’t get very far. While he did get into the lobby, security immediately detained him and “people are saying” that he was then stripped searched, and photos sent to the real Donald. However, this rumor hasn’t been confirmed as its just what we heard “people are saying.”

Security did Tresspass him, inform Mini Trump that he is not welcome anymore at the Trump Las Vegas, or he will go to “big boy jail.”

Beacher’s had released the video on YouTube, then removed. We were able only to find the TMZ edited version.

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