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9 Reasons the Raiders Aren’t Moving to Las Vegas

The debate on having a football team in Southern Nevada keeps on growing. A week ago the Southern Nevada Tourism Committee suggested that perhaps it was a good ideas to have a tax on visitors in Nevada that might help pay for a stadium to host the Raiders. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is insisting that the stadium would be great for Vegas, but the governor and the Legislature still have to make their decision on if they want the team at all.

Yet, there are still a lot of issues with the move, and it may never happen at all according to some experts. Here’s some of the reasons the NFL may never allow the Raiders to move, or more importantly why they CAN’T ever move to Las Vegas.

  1. 75% of NFL owners have to agree on the move. Many have expressed they don’t want football in Las Vegas
  2. Migration charge: The Rams paid $550 million to move from St. Louis to Inglewood. NHL extension charge of $500 million for the hockey group slated to start skating in Las Vegas in 2017. How much will it cost?
  3. Adelson’s $650 million interest in the proposed $1.9 billion stadium. Will the NFL endorse this?
  4. Mark Davis has ensured $500 million. Does that include the money he already promised Oakland?
  5. Oakland and Alameda County has claims to reimburse $200 million of extraordinary bond installments for rebuild of the Coliseum.
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars’ enthusiasm for migration to Las Vegas
  7. Oakland A’s stadium arrangements could impact a minute ago Raiders choices
  8. City of Oakland and Alameda County reporting their best and last stadium arrangement for the Raiders.
  9. Tons of Nevadans who hate the idea, can’t vote on the financing and consider it to be a run around of democracy.
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