MGM CEO Jim Murren Backs Clinton for First Endorsement

Jim Murren is showing not only that his leadership is making significant an amazing changes for MGM this year, but that he is willing to stand up and protest our City even if it means crossing political lines and making a few enemies.

Because of this, Murren, a “life long Republican” wrote in USAToday that he has no choice except to support Clinton, partially because of her support of immigrants which make the Vegas economy so vibrant:

As a lifelong registered Republican, I’ve crossed the aisle only a few times in elections past, and almost never at the presidential level. Each time, it was a gut-wrenching decision.

But this year it’s an easy choice. I’m going to put my country ahead of my party by voting for Hillary Clinton — and by making my first-ever public endorsement of a presidential candidate.

In his open letter, he wrote a glowing recommendation of Clinton, both personally and professionally:  “… on a more personal note, I believe that few presidential candidates are as prepared for the job as Clinton. I’ve come to this conclusion not because of her decades of experience as first lady, senator from New York and secretary of State. Rather, I speak from the personal experience of being with her in a room, working on issues in real time. Each time I have met with her to discuss complicated matters such as trade and energy policy, I have been incredibly impressed by her knowledge, command of the facts and solution-oriented approach.”

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1 Comment

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    August 17, 2016 at 1:22 am

    As stupid as the paid parking! You risk boycotts by people that feel differently. All money spends equally. What did Hillary promise you Jim? And as a “lifelong Rep.” I’m shocked that you are ok with Hillary appointing the next Supreme Court Justice!

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