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The Bradley Sold Even Before Vegas Bar Rescue Airs Tonight

In sad news, Megan Lynn Cordrey, the bartender was arrested in 2017 and will be in prison for quite a while it seems. We had actually met up with her for coffee about this episode before she was arrested — sad story.

In perhaps what could be the strangest episode ever on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer works with Brad Stegman, the owner of “City Bar” in Las Vegas.  According to the producers, Stegman left his corporate job with a casino and sunk his life savings into what he envisioned as a traditional, neighborhood tavern. But when he started to lose $6000/a month, Stegman allowed his bartenders to create their own events including a bondage night which bartenders would beat customers into submission.

John Taffer decided to whip Brad Stegman into changing the bar, and they rebranded as The Bradley, Gaming and Cocktail lounge. Unfortunately, despite the show taking over the bar, it didn’t last very long and it was closed — and sold to The Sahara Lounge.

On June 30, The Bradley was sold to The Sahara Lounge. Bar Rescue airs Sundays at 9pm on SPIKE.

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