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Stories of the Week: Golden Tiki Grows, Rivera Implodes, Nacho Daddy Closes and Self Driving Buses

The Rivera blew up this week and of course the LVRJ’s coverage of the casino leaving the strip in a big boom was the biggest story of the week in Vegas. “The 24-story tower was imploded around 2:35 a.m., preceded by a fireworks show and a countdown. A rumbling began, and the easternmost part of the tower began to fall first. The entire building ceased to exist in under a minute, and in the minutes that followed, the dust cleared, leaving a void on the northern end of the Strip.”

Las Vegas Weekly’s biggest story was about the Golden Tiki, owned by the legendary crazy man of Spring Mountain, Branden Powers.  “The Golden Tiki had no sooner introduced itself to Las Vegas than it was already preparing for an expansion. The 4,000 square-foot Chinatown cocktail bar recently acquired an adjacent 2,500 square feet, slated to open to the public in mid-October, just three months after Golden Tiki’s first anniversary/ The new space will include a larger stage for acts—“bands that normally wouldn’t stop here,” managing partner Branden Powers says—and be called Cyclops Burial Grounds (aka CBG, a nod to a famously acronymed NYC bar of yesteryear)”

I’m not quite sure what is going on with Vegas Eater, it seems to have died lately. Unfortunately with the editor not living in Las Vegas (Iowa) it’s hard to keep it up to date and have any good reviews. Their newest writer “Bradley Martin” covered Chick-A-Fil, which was their biggest article this week.

Interesting Story from VegasSun/VegasInc.

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  1. Eater Vegas has been garbage for years, mainly because they’ve gone after other Vegas sites out of jealousy and spite (AKA the Robin Leach School of Hack Journalism.) for breaking stories before them. Several years ago after being beaten to the punch yet again by one Vegas-centric site, the editor posted an article in which they referenced the person behind that site but had to throw in that they were based in L.A. and actually posted their full name. I actually got banned from commenting over there because I called them out on that matter as well as them trying to pass off info that another non-Vegas based outlet had reported weeks earlier as an “exclusive” (Yet another technique from the RLSHoJ.).

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