Steve Wynn Says His Club Venue Attracts Morons

Steve Wynn did what only Steve Wynn can do. He admitted during the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, which happens every three years, that his nightclubs are driving enormous revenue. Then he immediately insulted them, calling them “dim witted” customers who spend too much time on social media, and “check their human sensibilities at the door” of his clubs.

He then admits that his clubs, “attracted every moron in the world.”

Of course this doesn’t matter, since the crowd he has become an expert at attracting doesn’t really care what he says. He is an expert at giving what guests want, and frankly hasn’t ever been wrong. In this case, he either doesn’t care if he offends a few customers, or realizes he can insult them over and over again – and they will still come and give him money.

How much? He says his “dimwitted” customers give him $40 million a year in non-gaming revenue.

Is this part of his plan? Of course. After bashing poor people, bashing his own customers, and then launching the “exclusive” venue at Intrigue, he’s making it very clear who he wants to attract rich, older Gen X guys and gals with money.

He knows that they will hear what he says about Millennials and immediately think that those are good places to go. The hot, sexy millennials with the fake boobs and inability to sit still, will still come even if he personally insulted them to their face.

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