Angry Bernie Sanders Mob Tries to Bern Down Vegas Restaurant

In perhaps the dumbest thing ever, some very verbal Bernie Sander’s supporters have decided try to shut down Porchlight Grill, a local restaurant because they believe it’s owned by the Nevada Democratic Party’s State Chair, Roberta Lange.

They are angry about their loss during the democratic convention, when Hillary Clinton won the Nevada State Convention, claiming that the Chairwoman Ms. Lange was “corrupt” for not allowing Bernie Sanders to win.

The problem is that Roberta Lange doesn’t own the restaurant, and the threats including death threats on voice mail have been going to their real owner who is tired of the threats and harassment.

Even worse is that Sander’s supporters have been leaving negative reviews on their Facebook page, many of them from outside Vegas, having nothing to do with Nevada. They even got Google temporarily to say the place was closed.
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