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Steve Aoki Attacks Vietnamese Chef with Fluffy Cake

Steve Aoki, known for his funny antics and support of local Vegas chefs, decided to visit Le Pho, the already highly touted new Vietnamese Restaurant. Owned and run by Chef Khai Vu of District One fame, Le Pho is located in the Juhl Building in Downtown Las Vegas and is having its official grand opening today on 4/20. It has already had a soft opening and is often packed during noon time by locals and even visiting celebrities, including Aoki.

During this visit Aoki decided to express his love of the Chef Vu by “attacking” him with some sort of EDM-laced cake that hit Vu squarely in the face. Of course this was all done in jest and the two quickly cleaned up and enjoyed the night with a little extra cake with their Pho.

Steve Aoki is well known for his Cake-throwing abilities and has thrown them during festivals and concerts in the past. However, recently he announced he would no longer be throwing cakes except to his “die hard” fans. This came after he was criticized for injuring some fans who didn’t understand what he was doing. All in good fun, of course and we love Aoki Cake.

Steve Aoki at Le Pho with Chef Khai Vu
Steve Aoki at Le Pho with Chef Khai Vu

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