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Five Much Better Alternatives to Starbucks in Las Vegas

When you are in the middle of nowhere, and there isn’t frankly a decent coffee or espresso place anywhere, there’s almost always a Starbucks somewhere. However, while the espresso at Starbucks won’t kill you, their pre-made, heated up fast food sandwiches are just plain nasty and who knows what they really contain. There are much better places in Las Vegas for coffee, espresso, breakfast sandwiches and a much better ambiance that doesn’t have people yelling made-up cup sizes. Vegas has a very strong coffee culture, mainly because people here work at all hours including tens of thousands of people who don’t get off work until the early morning.

Thus we have some of the best coffee shops that can make both locals and tourists happy.

1) Sambalatte at the Monte Carlo. Known for their unique flavors including a Soy Nutella Latte, Sambalatte has been a Vegas favorite for locals in their Boca Park location. If you aren’t a fan of coffee you might still be a fan of their extensive foam artwork that includes rainbow colors. Additionally, it’s a little oasis on the strip that can be a nice place to get away. MUST TRY: Nutella Latte & Not Your Grandmother’s Hot Chocolate

2) Madhouse Coffee. A favorite of the more sophisticated locals, the sandwiches here make Starbucks look like soup kitchen fare. They have all the blended drinks you could want, but with better coffee and much smarter baristas. Features Intelligentsia Coffee, which is a Chicago favorite and just starting to make its way onto the West Coast. MUST TRY: Mad Cow Hazelnut Latte and Pasquale Sandwitch

3) Seranade Coffee Bar and Deserts. This Korean Coffee and Desert Shop is a hit amongst Asian high school students during the day, and late night locals who really need caffeine. If you’re into Korean music, it’s definitely the place to go, but also an amazing hang out place with a nice little patio. While their coffee is good, they are known for their amazing deserts including their Honey Toast, that is considered by many to be the best in Vegas. MUST TRY: Pistachio Latte and Honey Toast

4) Rosalie Le French Café This delightful French styled café hasn’t been open a year, but it’s already a favorite for those who love amazing pastries. With its custom interior that features repurposed wood and metals, crafted by the owner Jonathan Pluvinet, it’s a unique place on the west side. Just a few blocks away from one of the busiest Starbucks on the West-side, it’s in a perfect position for those wanting to switch from junk pastries to some of the best in Las Vegas. MUST TRY: Rasperry White Chocolate Latte and Almond Croissants.

5) Holley’s Cuppa. Owned by Holley Steely, a cirque du soleil performer, they concentrate on making the best coffee in Las Vegas. They grind everything on the spot when the coffee is ordered and use the “pour over method” which makes the most flavorful coffee you’ll have in Las Vegas. Holley’s only uses fair trade, sustainable coffee beans, making this a good place for those a little more socially conscious. MUST TRY: Heart of Darkness Coffee & Muffin Tops

You can see all the locations on this map

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  1. What about PublicUS, Makers and Finders, or Mothership in Henderson? The coffee beans at Sambalatte Boca Park are beyond being fresh roasted. Look at the bottom of the bag and you’ll see for yourself. Try the Rwandan from Mothership in Henderson.

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