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db Brasserie has Vegas’ Most Underrated Brunch

Sunday at noon I walked into Palazzo to check out one of my favorite places for Brunch, YardBird. Instead of going there because it was packed, I decided to check out db Brasserie’s brunch, which I have been told several times is quite good.  However, like most days during lunch, it’s easy to miss the place – it’s almost empty and uninviting, nothing really telling you that it’s open for brunch and perhaps one of the most underrated Brunches in Las Vegas.

Hard to make out from Yardbird that there is even a restaurant there.

db Brasserie has a unique problem that they’ve not quite figured out how to fix. It’s between the Palazzo and Venetian, in a corner that for whatever reason is hard to see unless you turn the corner. It’s right next to the vibrant and noisy YardBird, which is almost usually packed for brunch with a 20-40 minute wait time on Saturdays and Sundays.

db Brasserie started brunch since they opened, but almost with no fanfare and announcement to most anyone in Las Vegas. I asked a few friends who go to Brunch in Vegas almost every weekend, and none of them even knew it was open. One even works in the Casino at TAO (which has a brunch) and had no idea db Brasserie was even open on the weekends for Brunch.

This is a pity, because it’s quite good. From the completely decadent pastry basket, the traditional charcuterie board, and the uniquely fun and tasty Crispy Duck Confit Hash, everything is made perfectly. Yet on my last trip even at 12:30, the restaurant was barely 1/3 full.

Sign Promotes Happy Hour During Brunch? Where is the Brunch Sign or anything about Brunch?

What can db Brassiere do to improve brunch? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Start an Industry Brunch for Locals in the Hospitality Industry. Simply put, people who work in Vegas are really unaware of db Brasserie’s brunch. That means no one is making recommendations for anyone, no one is telling friends about it, and surely no one is reviewing it. Charge 50% for those invited in the industry, and show them how amazing the menu is.

2) Create a Theme for Brunch. I’m not saying to go as far as some places with go-go dancers at brunch, but do something that makes it unique. A jazz brunch with music might be something that everyone is looking for in Las Vegas. That would give db Brasserie something that no one else is currently offering in the area, and combined with amazing food at competitive prices, I think more people would go there for brunch and spend longer times.

The excellent Crispy Duck Confit Hash

3) Let Chef Vincent Pouessel change up the menu. He told Las Vegas Weekly last that he was looking forward to working on the Brunch, but since then nothing has happened. While the menu is amazing, and I highly recommend many of the items stay on the menu, Chef Pouessel needs to make his mark and have signature dishes he can be proud of and the culinary community can talk about. The worst thing an establishment can do is treat an Executive Chef like he has no choice in the menu, and force him to only prepare old dishes.


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