Best Ways to Personalize Your Mac Desktop


Apple has historically been known as a company that enjoys making decisions for its users. Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times people don’t know what they need until you show them.” The company always likes to run its operating system platforms a certain way, rather than to allow users to customize the interface completely for free.

However – in macOS at least – some limited changes can be made to customize the look of your Mac desktop, and in this article, we explain how.

Start by adding a new background

Just change the default wallpaper to the background you want, which makes your desktop special. To make this simple change, you just need to visit General -> desktop and screensaver -> desktop.

There, choose a new image from the default Mac desktop themes, or go to the beautiful background color.

Even better, you can access your photo library from the sidebar to set your background to a photo you like, and you don’t mind seeing it every day.

Want to add some spices? Set the wallpaper to change every hour or add useful information to your desktop with interactive wallpaper.

Configure a custom color scheme

From macOS Mojave, you can mix and match different system color presets to access a new color scheme. To do so, please visit System Preferences -> General. And you need to choose new colors under Accent Color and Highlight Color. The updated color scheme will then appear on buttons, windows, menus, selections, and other system elements.

In the same preference pane above, go to “The Dark Situation.” nother change you might want to think about. This is one of the cool new features in macOS Mojave and gives you a sleek dark look for items like Dock Menu bar, application windows, and sidebars.

Since you cannot add system-wide themes to your Mac, your best bet is to enable application-specific themes. For example, if you use Alfred to control your Mac and sign up for the Powerpack plan, you can use a Custom Theme to change Alfred’s look.

Change application icons to suit your personality

You cannot just change the size of the icons in Finder (Via View -> Show Display Options -> Icon Size), but you can also change application icon mac using the custom icons. When you browse Internet repositories for icons, look for ICNS, which indicates they are in Apple Icon Image format.

To change a folder (or file) icon, first, copy the icon file. Now select the folder whose icon you want to replace and click File -> Get Info.

In the pop-up viewer, select Icon Top and click Edit -> Paste. You now have a custom icon in place. If you are not satisfied with this icon, select it in the viewer and press Del to return to the default icon.

PNG and JPG images can also work as a source for icons, but if you plan to use them, you need to open and paste the image into the folder viewer. Simply copying the image directory does not work.

Do you want to switch the default application icons in the Applications folder for custom tools? You can, except for the apps that came with your Mac. But you can use system application icons as sources for third-party applications.

For example, you can change a Music Player Application icon to your iTunes icon.

Give an extra touch to individual apps

You can shop around to change the built-in settings for individual installed apps to add more personal touches to your Mac. For example, if you need Slack Desktop App Installed, you can change the Relaxed Sidebar with a new look.

In Mac Mail Application, change the appearance of your emails by changing the fonts and colors from Preferences -> Fonts and Colors. Additionally, you can highlight individual posts by selecting them and choosing a new color for them via Format -> Show Colors.


Add custom sounds to your Mac

You don’t have to limit customization efforts to visible changes. How about adding audio options as well? To get started, choose a different default system sound in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Speech -> System Voice. Then choose a new beep System Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Effects.


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