Robot Brothel Opens in Las Vegas

But it seems the Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience has gone a step too far. According to the Daily Mail, residents are not taking too kindly to the existence of the sex doll-only social club that lets customers “create and interact” an “erotic atmosphere that is perfectly customized” to their needs.

The club prides itself on the fact that it’s the “first establishment in Nevada where sex dolls are ready,” Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience boasts on its social media pages.

According to its website, Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience offers customers the chance to spend time “interacting” with sex dolls in a private room.

Operating out of The Studios at 5150 Pecos Road, the business offers clients the a range of sex dolls and the chance to try them out before they commit, at $150 per session.

County records show that The Studios was licensed in 2016 to operate as an educational institution under the name Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center, but no licensing records could be found for Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience, which was operating at the same location.

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