What is the Best Vaporizer in Vegas for Weed?

Vaporizers can be the safest, purest, most effective way to smoke weed. Medicinally or recreationally. And now thanks to portable vaporizers or vape pens they’re probably the most convenient way too. Unlike a bulky tabletop marijuana vaporizer or a hookah, they just slip neatly in your pocket—you can take them anywhere.

Why vape your weed instead of smoking it?

There are lots of reasons why switching to a weed vape is a great idea:

  • Vaporized marijuana is heated, not burned, so there’s almost no carcinogensgoing to your lungs—vape “smoke” is about 95% pure vapor
  • Vaporized pot is way more powerful than smoke from a joint—it’s full of cannabinoids like THC
  • Less smoke from a burning joint means less chance of lung cancer, emphysema, and other nasty things
  • Vaping is safer for your mouth, too, so you avoid mouth cancers and dental problems from smoking
  • Vape smoke doesn’t smell like a burning blunt so you can keep it on the down low, and some users says it tastes a lot better
  • If you vape buds instead of wax or oil, you can reuse the bud to make brownies and other goodies
  • Vaping costs less than smoking
  1. The Mighty. This is a really popular oldschool portable vaporizer, which blows the average desktop vaporizer out of the water. It creates some amazing dense, hard-hitting clouds, and is easy to use. However, it’s cheap looking and has lots of ugly plastic parts.
  2. DaVinci MIQRO . This is a great small vape and perfect for micro-dosing. It’s become popular amongst those who want something sexy. It has good clouds for it size, and in general works: but some users have reported that it’s finicky and sometimes just shuts down for no reason.
  3. KandyPens K-Vape Pro. Kandy Pens has managed to make a portable vaporizer that is under $100, and has all the amazing features you want.  KandyPens, of course, is that unforgettable and sexy company that makes you think both of great vaping devices and all sorts of beautiful confectionary. To switch between the temperature settings, you click and hold the power button for at least five seconds. The next level after the red temperature setting (red=360F) is the green setting, which vapes at 380F. The highest temperature setting, 420F, is indicated by the blue light.
The KandyPen K-Vape Pro is currently the best priced vaporizer out there and a great place to start.
DJ Khaled is a huge fan of KandyPens, which is why we recommend it.
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