Pot Lounges in Vegas May Be Canceled — For Now

Under a new bill, backed by Governor Sisolak, the state of Nevada would set regulations for pot lounges that every single County would have to follow.   The idea is to prevent a patchwork of laws showing up – something that most people agree is a good idea.

However, one issue: it would prevent Pot lounges from opening anytime soon in the City of Las Vegas, which just voted to allow them. This would prevent the City from opening any lounges unless the County approved – and only after the bill was implemented.

So what are the laws in Las Vegas?

Smoking is not allowed in most hotel rooms.. If you are caught smoking marijuana in rooms or outside on the Strip, you potentially face imposed fines of up to one-thousand dollars per incident. And cops can count creatively! Now, that’s a serious fun killer on vacation! Some hotels allow you to consume marijuana in rooms; however, be sure you know the rules at your place.

Want to get around this? Since there are few places in Las Vegas where individuals can legally consume cannabis, discreet and low-key consumption methods are the best option. For example, as most of us all know, the bud/flower part of cannabis has a relatively potent smell depending on the strain. However, other consumption methods like edibles, tinctures, topical cannabis products, some concentrates, and vape pens are much more discreet since they don’t release a strong cannabis smell.
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