(InfoGraphic) Nevada’s Only Full-Service Sex Resort Releases New Menu

Las Vegas-area adult vacation resort and legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch has released an updated version of its sex menu just in time for the New Year. The menu reflects an ever-growing demand from clients for more innovative and high-tech sexual experiences and takes into account the erotic interests of women and couples, an increasing brothel customer demographic.

“Offering a ‘sex menu,’ or list of brothel services, has been a longstanding tradition in Nevada’s bordellos even before brothels were legalized in the early 1970’s,” said Dena, the madam of Sheri’s Ranch. “While we endeavor to continue the tradition of featuring a sex menu, it’s important that our offerings genuinely meet the demands of 21st century sex consumers.”

Dena says that the brothel recently began offering “sex vacation” packages to customers in an attempt to satisfy increasing requests from men, women, and particularly couples seeking extended stays at the brothel’s on-site hotel.

“The legal brothels of today are not just places where men sneak away for a quick afternoon delight,” said Dena.

“As Nevada’s only full-service sex resort, it became important that our menu showcases our unique offerings as a sex tourism destination. It’s common for men, women, and couples to vacation with us for several days or weeks at a time to enjoy the popular adults-only retreat that Sheri’s has become.”

The madam says that the new menu also deliberately includes sexual services tailored to women and couples, such as “girl-on-girl” sex, cunnilingus between two women, and threesomes specifically tailored for couples.

“Sheri’s Ranch has seen a steady rise in the number of women and couples visiting us each year,” Dena said. “In 2014, about 15% of total customers were individual females and male/female or female/female couples. In 2017, that total was 22%, indicating that women and couples are becoming increasingly comfortable visiting sex workers.”

Another 2019 update to the menu involves the inclusion of the brothel’s new Sex Tape Room, a state-of-the-art automated suite where clients and sex workers use voice-operated smart home technology to create multi-angle pornographic videos that the customer can take home.

“As a 21st century brothel, it’s important that we keep up not only with the constantly-shifting sexual mores of society, but also with advances in technology that can be adopted by a brothel to better satisfy the demands of our customers,” Dena said.

“Our sex workers regularly get requests to create videos with our clients, but navigating the logistics, lighting, positions, or best angle while employing smart phones can severely inhibit the possibility of producing a quality sex tape,” Dena said. “We discovered a way to appropriate smart home technology to create sex tapes that will undoubtedly exceed the expectations of our clients.”

“The Sex Tape Room is equipped with four cameras capable of achieving a variety of angles, including a top angle ceiling camera, all linked to an Amazon Echo device activated by voice commands given to the Alexa virtual assistant,” Dena said. “A computer randomly chooses what camera angles to use so that a fully-edited finished video, in the form of a media file on an SD Card, is available before the customer leaves the ranch.”

In addition to the new Sex Tape Room, the 2019 sex menu includes other offerings unique to Sheri’s Ranch, such as the brothel’s Nuru Massage Parlor and a multi-room suite of role play bungalows calledSheri’s Playland.

The 2019 full Sex Menu can be downloaded here: 

Sheri’s Ranch is located at 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, NV 89061. For more information about Sheri’s, visit the official website.
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