Legal Hookers Campaign for 2025 Las Vegas Super Bowl, Promise Massive Tailgate

With the highly anticipated stadium for the Raiders being built in Las Vegas there has been lots of clamor for a future Super Bowl in Sin City. One of the groups actively lobbying to make that happen are the city’s sex workers.

The licensed sex workers at Sheri’s Ranch, a nearby brothel in Pahrump, NV, tell The Blast they’re willing to “go all the way” to bring the big game to Vegas, which includes hosting a gigantic tailgate party.

Sheri’s star employee Allissa says they have over 300 acres at the ranch and, “If Las Vegas gets a Super Bowl, we ladies promise to throw a massive, no holds barred party the likes of which NFL fans have never seen before.”

Kitty Cat, another sex worker at Sheri’s, believes a Super Bowl in Vegas would be a “Godsend for adult players and fans looking for a little extra fun during their Big Game vacation.”

The girls point out that legal issues in the past with high-profile celebrities looking for a little “extra fun,” will be avoided: “Since prostitution is legal outside Las Vegas, big name celebs like Warren Sapp can explore their sexual desires at safe and legal places like Sheri’s without ever worrying about getting busted.”

Sapp was famously busted in 2015 for soliciting a prostitute during Super Bowl weekend in Phoenix when the Patriots played the Seahawks.

Kitty Cat says it’s a “win-win” situation, because, “Sheri’s sees an increase in tourism revenue that the Super Bowl brings, and adult fans and players enjoy discreet, safe, STD-free, and very high-quality sex.”

The brothel’s madam told us, “Last February, there were more than 100 arrests in Super Bowl related stings and many of those were prostitution related.” All the girls feel strongly that providing a safe outlet for everyone attending the game is beneficial for everyone.

The governor in Nevada recently appointed a 19-person committee focused on bringing major events, like the Super Bowl, to the 65,000-seat stadium that will house the Raiders when it’s completed in 2020.

Allissa is confident the girls can pull it off, saying, “Let’s get the Super Bowl in Vegas for 2025,” and adding, “We’re willing to play our part and we’re wide open to the possibilities.”

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