Source Claims Accused Club Predator Abe Ismail Still Working in Cromwell.

Federal investigators have started looking into accusations against an employee about his time when he worked at Hyde in the Bellagio. According to a source, that is disputed by Drais, he works or worked at Drais at one point.

Drais denies that he has anything to do with the club, when I contacted them, but a google search shows that he was promoting himself as an employee for sometime. We will take Drais at their word that he doesn’t work for them. They are pretty adamant that he is not an employee — so I guess he was fired? (Good for them!)

According to accusations, he sexually extorted potential employees of the club by telling them they could get jobs if they sent him nude photos and had sex with him.

Now we have learned from a former manager at the Hakkasan club group who wanted to remain anonymous, that he was fired from his job there after it was learned he was doing the same thing. Soon after, Hyde hired him without checking his background and the reasons for his firing. This is not the first employee of Hyde that has been accused of being a predator.

According to the source, it came up that his previous job at Hollister Clothing Company he was harassing the employees there also. We could not verify this with any of the stores however at this time.

PaceVegas tried to speak to Mr. Ismail to get his side of the story, and he told us over text that he had no comment.

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