Pimp Dennis Hof Accused of Raping Employees

If you’re to believe former employees of Dennis Hof, who is also running for State Assembly, the famed pimp who made a name for himself on HBO’s Cathouse, Mr. Hof is nothing more than your normal run of the mill rapist, who set himself up to prey on women.

The Nevada Independent has gone through records and revealed that he’s faced more than a few allegations of some pretty serious allegations including rape.

The article points out that Hof admits he “tests” every single employee himself, forcing them to sleep with him in order to be employed. Those employees in return have called this nothing less than rape.

This comes from Former brother owner Jennifer O’Kane, who said that she was raped by Dennis Hof.

Hof, 71, denies the allegations that were detailed in a police report released after the Nye County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Hof — who is now running for the Republican seat in Nevada Assembly District 36 — because the statute of limitations had expired.

A second woman, identified as Diana Grandmaison, claims she was assaulted by Hof at the bar inside the Bunny Ranch in Carson City while working there in June 2009. Grandmaison, whose stage name was “Diana Foxx,” said Hof called her to the bar and reached under her skirt. She was also forced to perform a sex act on Hof, she said, according to the police report.

He did this to girls at the brothel all the time,” Grandmaison  said adding that she didn’t initially report the incident out of fear of losing her job. “He would make young girls sit on his lap. I had no choice — you couldn’t say no. If you said no, you were going to pay a price and get kicked out of the brothel.”



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