Dan Taylor and Destination360 Scam Artist

Righthaven brought hundreds of lawsuits in federal court claiming copyright infringement, even though it does not create, produce or distribute any content. Instead, Righthaven created lawsuits by scouring the Internet for content from Las Vegas Review-Journal stories posted on blogs and online forums, claiming to acquire the copyright to those particular stories from Stephens Media LLC (the Review-Journal’s publisher), and then suing the posters for infringement.  Righthaven also worked with the Denver Post.  As part of its lawsuit business model, Righthaven claims damages of up to $150,000 under the Copyright Act’s statutory damages provisions, seeks the target’s domain name and uses these threats to attempt to push defendants into a quick settlement.

Now there is another company doing this: In the first time in 20 years of publishing, this guy has to be one of the worst scumbags ever. Despite hundreds of pages on Google about him being nothing more than a copyright troll who seems to be registering images he doesn’t even own.

Here’s the problem: They don’t actually own the images, but have been “registering” them illegally with the copyright office in bulk, claiming ownership.

This is a federal felony, and I think they know it. It’s why they are not sending DCMA take down requests, as required by law to even sue. They themselves “admit” in message boards that the images are being distributed by other people but claim it’s their ownership of the images, without any actual proof they took it.

Making this worse, they are using a fake IP phone number and fake address (post office box) in Nevada, hiding their true identity from the Police and FBI, who according to my source, have been trying to contact him for “years” about the fake legal letters that they have been sending. Unfortunately, no one actually picks up the phone or responds to letters– leading me to believe that this may an blackmail offshore operation to scam people.
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