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Customer Leaves Fake Review for Amazing Restaurant When Demands Walk-In

I’m tired of Yelpers, customers, demanding that they receive special treatment when they enter restaurants, and worse, then leaving bad reviews almost as a type of extortion when they don’t get exactly what they want. Terrell Potter is a perfect example of a customer that decides to actually change a review from years ago, when he didn’t get exactly what he wants when he walked in and the place was full of reservations.

I don’t normally call out all the horrible reviews of restaurants that are left by angry customers, but this guy just plain lied about his experience.

He walked into a restaurant, full of reservations, as he admits, but then claims he was waiting three hours before there was food.


Here’s the problem, we got the receipts from Lotus of Siam for his table, because the manager made sure she recorded the complaints of this difficult customer. Ignoring that he ordered the same dish three times, and seems to have asked them to cut the meat for him, the check was closed under an hour, meaning he ordered, received food, and then paid within an hour.

The idea they were waiting “three hours” for their food, is obviously fake and absurd.


We even got a hold of his messages to the restaurant, when he couldn’t get in immediately without a reservation.



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  1. HA!!! I happened to be googling this guys name, wondering what he had been up to because he is one of the biggest jerks I’ve ever met in my life. This behavior is standard!

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