Vegas Man Claims He Shot Wife While Giving Her Oral Sex

Vegas police this have arrested John Fitzgerald Gonzalez, 53 after he was found to have shot his wife in the stomach killing her.

A police report details the bizarre reason Gonzalez gave police for his gun going off and killing 41-year-old Nicole Nguyen.

Gonzalez told police he came to the house to drop off toys to his 6-year-old son. He also brought two guns in fear of his estranged wife’s guy friends hurting him. 

Gonzalez claims that’s when he met his estranged wife in the garage and the two decided to have sex inside her car. Gonzalez goes on to say after they finished he went back to check on his son inside the house.

When he returned Gonzalez says he and Nguyen decided to have sex again and while that was happening, Gonzalez claims his estranged wife pointed a gun he had left on the driver side floorboard and pulled on it while he was giving her oral sex, making it go off and killing her

“Detectives found his excuse for having brought the gun and keeping it by him during sex implausible,” police wrote in the report, adding they were sceptical of his description of how she reached for the gun.

One reason that they don’t believe the claim is that both of them were slated to meet in an attorney’s office to complete their divorce.
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