Vegas Raider’s NFL Themed Brothel to Open Soon?

With the Raider’s moving to Las Vegas, everyone is hoping to take advantage of the hype and make a little bit more money. Not to be outdone, Dennis Hof, perhaps the most famous pimp in the world, has announced that he is going to open a Raiders-themed bordello, that will honor the team with literally, full service.

The “Pirates Booty Sports Brothel” will be located in Crystal Nevada, just a short drive from Las Vegas and will service both fans and of course, the players.

High profile atheletes and celebrities will have a special VIP section which will be called anything from “Wide Receivers” or “Hookerettes” according to Hoff. Of course, if you’re an actual Raider NFL player, you’ll get 50% off all services.

Hof owns “The Love Ranch South,” which gained national attention because it’s where former NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015 after having sex with the first legal transsexual escort in the United States.

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