Domestic Terrorist Arrested in Las Vegas also Had Hidden Camera Perv Videos

A 40-year-old white man in Las Vegas has been indicted on charges of terrorism and possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Nicolai Howard Mork, a resident of southeast valley, Las Vegas, who was free on bail for three months, was arrested again without incident. He was first tracked in December after police linked him to eight Molotov cocktails that were left near “seemingly random homes” in his neighborhood.

Detectives also found bomb-making ingredients inside his apartment that were “strong enough to penetrate a military tank.” A Walther P-22 .22 caliber handgun with serial number altered as well as a silencer was also recovered from his home.

An arrest report also found that he was in possession of large quantities of potentially incendiary chemicals. They included 251 pounds of ammonium nitrate, 26 pounds of aluminum, 9.5 pounds of red iron oxide, 33 pounds of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder referred to as “Tannerite.”

The report further read, “When combined, these chemicals can lead to explosive results, which could cause substantial damage to Mork’s residence and the houses around him.”

Jacob Villani, chief deputy Clark County district attorney said, “Cops also found 17 hard drives on a desktop computer which contained violent child pornography, snuff films and images of Mork having sex with seemingly unconscious women.”

He further added, “He also had underskirt photos of women he seems to have taken with a hidden camera inside a rolling bag and video of Mork beating a woman inside his apartment.”


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