MGM Announces Paid “Premium” Bathrooms

With gambling revenue down from several decades ago, and people spending less and less time on the casino floor trading more time in clubs and restaurants, casinos are looking to recoup as much of the loss as they can.

This past year saw the addition of Paid Parking, which many felt wasn’t just a betrayal to customers, but would long term hurt casinos looking to attract locals to their properties. While Caesars is following soon with paid parking, MGM was the first major property to start the push—and they haven’t stopped. They have decided that paid bathrooms are something that isn’t just serious but necessary.

“We’ve had too many people come to the bathrooms and use them for all sorts of things,” stated Ivy Monay, MGM’s Communications Chief. “You’d be amazed how many people do drugs, especially cocaine in the bathrooms instead of on hooker’s tits like they are supposed to.” Monay claims that instituting a paid policy for the toilets will help prevent this and other issues, including locals playing video games in the stalls and watching porn between keno calls.

MGM also claims that the fees will help with cleaning costs, as at least 20%-40% of all visitors throw up once a day if not more.

While this sounds like a great idea, not everyone is happy with it.

“This is a perfect example of how casinos are trying to screw with locals,” claimed Scott Roeben of, “ and take them from the amazing  experience of Fremont Street where the toilets aren’t just free, you can see someone pee on almost every corner.” Additionally he points out that if they charge for bathrooms, more drunk tourists will probably use the pools as toilets, even more than they do. Already tons of chlorine is added daily to the pools in casinos to prevent excessive sickness and to assist with removing fake tans.

What will the cost be exactly? While MGM is not saying the specific prices, they are saying that VIPs will have access to the bathrooms for free, and that it probably will not be more than $10 for number 1 and $20 for number 2.

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