Exposed: Susan Stapleton of Las Vegas Eater Hated by Culinary Industry

(Las Vegas, NV) It’s been revealed via a Post on TheDirty, and comments from acclaimed Vegas Culinary Blogger John Curtas, that the editor of Las Vegas Eater doesn’t actually live in Las Vegas.

Despite being billed as the go-to of everything in the foodie life in Las Vegas, the Editor Susan Stapleton actually lives in Iowa and conducts all her “reviews” and “news” remotely – meaning that her opinion and claims of restaurant are absolute bullshit, as she hasn’t been to most of them.

Additionally, several people in the industry have continued to express displeasure on Ms. Stapleton’s manner of doing business: which seems to include attacking everyone who doesn’t do exactly what she wants, and intimidating PR companies and restaurants into not doing business with people she sees as “competitors,” even though she is only a low level contractor/employee of Vox Media.

John Curtas posted the article from The Dirty, and the industry made it clear they dislike this personality, and it’s time for her to resign. Curtas appropriate wrote, “Vox Media needs to wake up, get a clue, and shitcan Eater Vegas.”

Mark Gilchrist commented, “Eater is a great platform. But in Vegas, it has been totally corrupted by an unethical c*nt…”

While I haven’t met Ms. Stapleton, I can testify that she is indeed acting in my non-professional opinion, more than slightly crazy. She originally contacted me out of nowhere to claim ownership of photos that she had licensed, non-exclusively.

She was upset that I was using the same photographer and licensing the same photos and wanted to claim SHE owned them and had a right to protest my use.

Right after that I receive a message from One7 Communications, a PR company in Las Vegas that specializes in the food industry, that she had called them and, according to the company  a source within the company, told them that they could not work with ME if they continued to want exposure on Las Vegas Eater.

Additionally, she had previously slandered popular food blogger Michael Uzmann by sending out a letter to the industry also, asking people to not do business with him, and “black balling” him from various restaurants. When I found about this a few months ago, I was sincerely amazed that he hadn’t sued her for defamation.

Since he’s a fairly well-to-do doctor also, it didn’t work since he pays for most of his meals and most of the restaurants would rather have a popular blogger than a spiteful hateful “editor” who doesn’t even in Live in Las Vegas.

It’s simple: The industry hates Susan Stapleton, hates working with her and she needs to go. She has caused way too many problems, harassed the entire industry, threatened PR people, chefs, managers and pretty much proved that Eater Las Vegas is nothing more than her personal vendetta against an industry that wishes she would disappear.

Combine this with the very fact she doesn’t live in Las Vegas, she needs to be fired and replaced with someone local who loves the industry and actually gets along with everyone. This needs to be someone who loves food, loves the food bloggers, loves the culinary industry, and more importantly, loves Las Vegas.

Again: Fire Susan Stapleton from Las Vegas Eater.

You might want to read John Curtas’ story about how she attempted to intimidate him by having “reporters” call up his job, among other things.

NB: This article is about Las Vegas, written in Las Vegas Nevada, about a company that is doing business about the Restaurants of Las Vegas, Nevada.
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