Top Vegas Stories on Facebook for 6/3-6/10/2016

The top stories this last week weren’t actually that interesting, but really shows what local in Las Vegas are reading about. The top story for three sites this week was about MGM’s Monte Carlo resort shutting down for a redesign. MGM’s public relations team has been working around the clock and timing these releases perfectly. From T-Mobile Arena to the The Park, they have made sure everyone is talking about MGM properties lately, showing why they are one of the best team in the business.

Vital Vegas’ story got 61 likes and 16 shares, calling it a “rebrand.”

The LVRJ called it a “transformation” and focused on the price tag. Got 522 likes, and 327 shares.

Eater Vegas covered it also with a focus on the restaurants. They’ve had really poor social media exposure in the past, and this is one of their most distributed stories, showing their potential reach is there. 148 likes and 106 shares.

Vegas Inc’s biggest story should have had more social media reach but almost no one commented on it. Too bad, seems interesting that Steve Wynn doesn’t like nightclubs. 38 likes and 38 shares.

Vegas Seven’s biggest story was one of my favorite ones, to go along with their cheap eats news stand edition. However, didn’t get much exposure so far with only 65 likes and 37 shares. I expect will be a favorite this weekend however, since it was published less than 24 hours ago as of this publication.

Vegas Weekly’s top story was about the drive through, which did amazingly well for what I would have assumed is a boring subject.
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