New Artist “Vandalizes” $3 Million Colorful Rocks from LSD Trip

According to spokesman David “Spray-paint” Schuman, the Seven Magic Mountains “art installation” was worked on by another unknown artist overnight, but no one in Las Vegas noticed until later during the day because of the excessive heat that invaded the valley earlier. The installation, located near Las Vegas Boulevard and Sloan Road was found early Sunday morning with additional artwork added to the project by an artist who was not affiliated with the original project.

Called “graffiti” by some, the art of colorful spray painting may just be part of this “performance” style artwork that was recently installed for the colorful price of $3 Million. However, it seems that the artists originally involved with spray painting the rocks were not involved or condoned the additional spray paint – thus, they filed a police report, complaining about the new artwork.

Of course, the police may or may not investigate this considering that the actual value and cost of spray painting additional spray paint might be less than $1, unless the original artist does it, at an estimated cost of $53,458.33

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