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Three Horrible Las Vegas Real Estate Brokers

I’m not selling my house. My house has been off the market for quite a while now, and I’ve decided that because of the current real estate upswing especially in my area. Add the fact they sold the last lot in my community, means that I want to sit on the house a little bit longer. I’ve already made at least $250k in value in two years, and expect it to go up at least another $100k before the next year is over. Then I have a decision to make. However, despite this, I’ve had several horrible experiences with Real Estate “professionals” that made me wonder about the professionalism of real estate brokers in Las Vegas.

Here’s my worst experiences in the last few months.
Mind you again, my house is not for sale, and these are all people cold calling and showing up unannounced.

1) The gentleman “realtor of the year” who called my 80-year parents, over and over asking about the house. After I contacted him, mainly to find about his persistence, he added me on Facebook. Instead of being polite, and talking about the house, he proceeded to write pro-Donald Trump posts, attack my personal friends as being “really &%$ing stupid,” among other things. When I called his boss at Berkshire Hathaway, he proceeded to message me on a Facebook page and threaten me. His CEO has assured me since he will leave me alone.

2) The guy who left a business card and rang the doorbell almost twice a day. Seriously. This guy kept on showing up in my private community, almost every single day, twice a day and left a business card lodged in the gate to my house. He would ring the doorbell, put the card in, and then seemingly disappear to ring another doorbell. Eventually he stopped ringing the doorbell after two weeks. I was considering putting an electrical shock device in the doorbell, but envisioned accidently electrocuting a girl scout.

3) The Realtor who rang the doorbell at 8pm, waking my recovering sick 6 year old. Despite not answering the door, he decided to ring it again. And again. So I went on the front balcony, thinking I might throw a computer or something at him, only to see a pudgy hispanic fellow and a good looking younger couple with a wife showing her midriff and very large fake breasts. They apologized, and he proceeding to tell me that the couple wanted to buy the house immediately, right now. I gave them my email, to be told that the couple was ready to purchase the house ASAP, had cash and wanted to make the offer now as they were moving. When I asked about an earnest deposit, it became very clear he was bullshitting me, because they wanted to see the house before making an offer and only wanted to put down $5k. Sorry Mr. J-s, not going to buy it.

Being aggressive, trying to find leads, being a good realtor and making money isn’t a bad thing. I applaud people who make a phone call, send an email or letter to people about their house.

Please help your clients find deals, help them buy a great home, sell a home and be professional. However, there is a line that is not only unethical, violates real estate rules and regulations, but is also illegal. Going into a private community with a no-trespassing signs, ringing doorbells is extremely unethical and illegal. It’s enough that a complaint about this to the police could result in having your license stripped, or at least have you very publicly exposed by a blogger or journalist who writes your name next time.

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