Lawsuit: Jon Taffer Not Into Young Asian Men

Legendary “Bar Rescue” Host Jon Taffer has been hit with a strange lawsuit from a former employee, that claims, among other things, that he prefers young, sexy women instead of young Asian men.

The lawsuit, filed in the district court here Las Vegas, seems to state that one Tsang Han Wang, an “Asian-American in his late 20’s” was fired from a job working for Taffer, because he wasn’t sexy or female enough.

Taffer enjoys being surrounded by women, and acts like a bachelor despite being married,” the suit reads. “He has spoken publicly on methods of picking up girls from bars and there are multiple pictures of Taffer on social media with him surrounding by [sic] his female employees.”

According to the lawsuit, Taffer hired him in 2015, and after hiring some other women, started assigning duties to the Wang that he was not trained for – purposely, in order that he might fail, and then get fired. The lawsuit claims that Wang and another male employee in marketing were both fired, after being given a “30 day action plan” that was clearly set-up for them to fail.

Of course, the lawsuit doesn’t address why Taffer didn’t notice Mr. Wang was an Asian male from the start.

The other employee hasn’t filed a lawsuit.

Full Lawsuit Below:



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