Women Claims Over 50 Sexual Encounters with Firefighters at Vegas Fire Stations

The crazy sex scandal rocking the Las Vegas Fire Department seems to be getting worse. Criminal charges against a captain accused of having sex with a 15-year-old prostitute inside a fire station have now brought new allegations against fire fighters in the Valley. Mallissa Barthule, a former Vegas EMT, tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s David Ferrara about more than 50 sexual encounters with at least seven firefighters inside 13 different Las Vegas fire stations up until 2015.

Barthule, who now lives in Texas, went on the record with her allegations after the recent arrest of Captain Richard Loughry on eight felony charges. In an arrest report, police say Loughy claimed to have previously brought women into Fire Station 47 and thought the underage girl was actually 22-years-old.

Fire Chief William McDonald announced during a press conference Thursday there is zero tolerance “for this kind of behavior.” Chief McDonald said visitation at all 20 Las Vegas firehouses will now be limited and security cameras installed. McDonald acknowledged a previous incident that he says was isolated. It involved a firefighter who had sex at Station 5. According to the chief, that firefighter was fired about two-years-ago.

Mallissa Barthule shared texts, social media conversations and journal entries with reporter Ferrara that helps document her claims.

Barthule worked for AMR for seven years and told the paper she was fired in 2010 because of an addiction to pain medication. Barthule says she came forward because she felt Captain Loughry was being made a scapegoat. She said, “This is an issue that the Fire Department knows about. It’s not like it’s a secret.”

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